Freelance Director/ Producer/ Videographer


Kingston University 2008 - 2011 - BA (hons) in Film Studies
San Jose State University 2009 - 2010 - Study Abroad Year, Filmmaking and Screenwriting
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre 2012 - Current - Advanced Sketch Writing and Improv

Credits List


Myrtle & Willoughby (mini-series) - Co-Creator, Co-Writer - COMING 2018 (various) - Editor
What If The Internet Was Nice For A Day (sketch) - Editor - Melanie Owens
Laundry Day (sketch) - Co-Writer, Producer, Editor - Brit&Brit
What Your Tampons Are Thinking (sketch) - Director, Editor - Future Wives
4and20 (web-series) - Co-Editor - Dir. Nick Martin


Ferris Bueller's REAL Day Off (sketch) - Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Editor - Brit&Brit
Christmas Time in New York City (music video) - Director, Co-Producer - Rafi Fuentes
The Game of Real Life (sketch) - DP, Editor - Melanie Owens & Will Martinez
This Haunted House is Legit Terrifying (sketch) - Editor - Ariel Gitlin and Melanie Owens
Banana Phone (short) - Co-Director, Editor - It Could Be Worse Productions
Dream Lawyers (sketch) - Director, Editor - Damian Chadwick
Adult Sleepover (sketch) - Editor - I Mean... Productions
Work & Family Scale (sketch) - Editor - Honora Talbott
Sexy Anxious Girls (Music Video Sketch) - Writer, Director, Editor - Brit&Brit
Manic Pixie Jamandy Teethpotato (sketch) - Writer, Director, Editor - Brit&Brit
Voice Message (sketch) - Co-Director - Jomey Productions
Treats (sketch) - Co-Director, Editor - Jomey Productions
Samesies (web series) - Editor - Tim Dunn & Caitlin Bitzegaio
Uncles (web series) - Editor - Austin Rye & Ken Beck
The Lifestyle Girls (web series) - Editor - Melanie Owens
Clipboard People (sketch) - DP, Editor - JiJi Lee
Better If You Didn't Season 2 (web series) - Director, DP - Claire Burns
Unboxing My Wife's Finger (sketch) - Director, DP, Editor - UCB Sketchcram
Man Rules (sketch) - Director, DP, Editor - Damian Chadwick
Tech Bettys (trailer) - Editor - Amanda Von Nostrand & Mary McGloin
Secrets and Liars (web series) - Director, DP - Nanners Comedy
Beauty Shots Season 2 (web series) - Editor - Anna Roisman, Claire Downs, Caroline Cotter
Making an Orderer (web series) - Director, DP, Editor - Side Dish Comedy
The Interrogation (sketch) - Director - Stephen Gardella
Quarterback Thanks Historical Jesus (sketch) - Editor - Obstructed View
A Guide To Common Millennial Slang - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Millennials Talk About Gen X - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Millennials Explain Socialism - Director - Internet Action Force


Millennials Tell Us Their New Years Resolutions - Director - Internet Action Force
Millennials Explain Health Insurance - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Why Aren't You At Work? - Director, Co-Editor - Internet Action Force
What Millennials Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving - Director - Internet Action Force
Weird Ways Millennials Pay Rent - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Millennials Define Financial Terms - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Millennials Still Talking About Their Student Debt - Director, Editor - Internet Action Force
Millennials Talk About Their Student Debt - Director - Internet Action Force
Shakespeare Take 2: Hamlet & Ophelia (sketch) - Director - Emily Newhouse / PITtv
Carol Of The Eggs (sketch) - Director, Editor - Cultural Fits
The Pickpocket (sketch) - Director, Editor - Stephen Gardella
Low Budget Sketch Show - Director, Head Writer
Romantic Comedy From The Best Friend's Perspective - Producer, Director - College Humor CH2
Bar Talk - Co-Writer, Editor - Brit & Brit
Hillary Clinton PSA (sketch) - Director, DP, Editor - Nanners Comedy
"Femmetourage" Trailer - Director, DP, Editor - Nanners Comedy
Millennial Reads his Credit Card Transactions - Producer, Co-Director - Internet Action Force
The Honest Waitress (webseries) - Producer - PITtv
Interview with Dan Perino - DP - Jena Friedman
Deal Estate - DP, Editor - Side Dish Comedy
Seamless - DP, Editor - Side Dish Comedy
If We All Drank Enough Water - Editor - Nanners Comedy
Breaking Up With Bread - Editor - Nanners Comedy


Low Budget Sketch Show - Director, Head Writer
Todd's Guns Ft. Reggie Watts (sketch) - DP - Jena Friedman, Doctors Without Borders
Work Harder (Kickstarter Parody) - DP - Jena Friedman, Doctors Without Borders
Christmas Sketch - Actor, Editor - Brit & Brit Comedy
Date Brandon Scott Wolf (sketch) - Director - Brandon Scott Wolf (online)
A Manic Pixie's Dreamy Pixie Lover Dream (sketch) - Director, DP - Eliza Kingsbury (UCB)
Our Wedding (sketch) - DP - John Zachary Townsend (UCB)
Ordering Food (sketch) - DP, Editor - Brit&Brit Comedy
Gowanus Idol - Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival - Cinematographer - Elna Baker & Kevin Townley
People We Hate (webseries) - Director, Cinematographer - Amber Nelson
AT&T Mock Commercial - Director, Writer - Zoopa/AT&T
Amber Tells Her Mother Shes No Longer A Virgin (sketch) - Director, Cinematographer - Amber Nelson
24x24 (webseries) - Production Assistant - UCBComedy


Fear Town, USA (feature film) - Cinematographer - Dir. Brandon Bassham
Practical Pranks (sketch) - Director, Cinematographer - Amber Nelson
TLDC Bank (sketch) - Director


The Great Escape (TV) - Production Assistant - TNT
Escape Routes (TV) - Production Assistant - TNT


Conquest (documentary feature) - Production Assistant, Assistant Camera - Dir. Lorna Tucker
Caught in the Undertow (short) - Cinematographer - Dir. Jannicke De Lange


Cheap Fun (feature) - Wardrobe - Dir. Zach Sutherland
Significant Others (short) - Cinematographer - Dir. Ian Irwin
Pasta Shape Paradigm (short) - Writer, Director
Lovecast (short) - Writer, Director
Recollection (short) - Writer, Director
Cinequest Behind-the-Scenes (film festival) - Videographer - Cinequest
Your Touch Is Like Home To Me (music video) - Production Assistant - Siren Song Productions


Inspire Me (short) - Writer, Director - Cancer Research, UK
Story of our Lives (music video) - Production Assistant - Infinite Pictures
Forever (music video) - Production Assistant - Infinite Pictures



Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro

Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign

Final Draft, Celtx

Social Media, Microsoft Office, HTML/CSS, Metadata